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Internet of Things submits to your will

Brilliant move: Conquer with a click

Set up all your smart IoT devices with extreme ease in CONTROLL3R. The logic. The scheduling. Timers, Loops, Delays, Dates and Times added to IFTTT and Google Assistant. Make changes any time you like. CONTROLL3R is a universal controller for all your connected devices.

Smartphone, Tablet, Mac, or PC

If you have an Internet connection of any kind, you can securely use CONTROLL3R to manage your home / garage / office devices, either standing next to them or from anywhere in the world, any time. Just use any smartphone, tablet, or a computer with a web browser. CONTROLL3R connection is always a secure SSL sha256-bit RSA to protect your data and your privacy.

Reports and Security

CONTROLL3R sends you important event notifications (if you want them). Be in-the-know at all times. CONTROLL3R Security mode makes it look like you are home when you are not. Stepping out for the evening or going on a two-week vacation? No problem! Deter thieves and vandals: your home or office lights will turn on and off in the evening, so it will look just like you are home. Nice!

Logs kept for you

CONTROLL3R records all the events and lets you inspect your Smart Home history at a glance, whenever you decide to do so. Check what happened when. Trust but verify.
Down't want to keep the logs? Just switch them off and wipe the existing ones. It's all up to you.

Future Proof

Expanding your Smart Home? Changing or adding different systems? No problem - CONTROLL3R will manage them all! With CONTROLL3R, you are a true master of your home. And garage. And your office. Huzzah!

CONTROLL3R for Everything  
Control with efficiency and fun

CONTROLL3R CONTROLL3R can manage your Appliances, Clocks, Cloud Drives, Cars, Environment Control, Email and Social Networks, Finance and Government Services, Health and Fitness, Lighting, Location, Music, News, Notifications, Photo/Video, Power Management and Monitoring, Security Systems, Smart Hubs, Travel, Voice Assistants, and Weather notifications. Some examples: Google Home, Etekcity, GE Appliances, Home Connect, iRobot, Liebherr, Optoma, Samsung, Smarter, WeMo, Motion Blinds, Tumblr, Bitly, MailChimp, Salesforce, Google and Office Calendars, iHome, Wink, Cloud Drives by Amazon, Box, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, QNAP, Seagate, Verizon; Messengers, Slack, Telegram, Ooma, and more; BMW, Dash, EVE for Subaru and Tesla, TomTom; Adafruit, Everynet, microBot, OpenHAB, Seeed, Gmail, Email, D-Link, ecobee, Flo, Hive, Honeywell, Google Nest (working on it), Ubibot, Gumroad, IMF, Square, Stripe, GreenIQ, MIYO,, Fitbit, Google Glass, Strava, iLight, My Leviton, Philips Hue, TP-Link Kasa, Wyze, Sonos, Deezer, SoundCloud, Spotify, IFTTT, InStyle, NPR, FOX, Evernote, SMS, 500px, Flickr, Giphy, Vimeo, YouTube, D-Link Smart Plug, Blink, Concierge, KEVO, Logitech, Sens8, SkyBell, BestBuy, eBay, eWelink, Sonoff, Lutron, Harmony remotes, Intelligent Home, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, Trello, TiVo, NJ Transit, Uber, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Weather Underground, and many more!

With CONTROLL3R, you get a unique email address that will be used to receive and send email messages. Received messages will be parsed, so you can set actions based on the: (sender, subject, and/or content words of the incoming message} to trigger your home or office automations. (Hey, some other companies charge a lot of money monthly for the email parsing feature alone! But not us.)

And you can use CONTROLL3R's outgoing email messages for many things, such as reminders to yourself or to your clients, or for Birthday Wishes to your loved ones - on pre-set schedule. With many telecom firms offering an email to SMS gateways, you can actually SMS people as well. Free of charge.

Your can get a customized email address in CONTROLL3R. How cool is that!

Your Privacy is paramount

We never sells or otherwise disseminates your data. None of it. We only use your data for the purpose of communicating with you (news and support), as well as executing your CONTROLL3R actions and automations. Your data is stored on the secure US server. Your piece of mind is extremely important to us. If you stop using our service, the same privacy applies. The only data of yours that gets shared with any third parties is what YOU yourself decide to share by connecting your devices and services to your CONTROLL3R. In this case, you are still in control on what to connect and whether to accept those third parties' terms. Again, we keep your data private at all times.

Our web site cookies are only used to estimate our main web site stats; and to remember your login so you don't need to re-enter your user and password info all the time.That's it. Nothing is being tracked by any third parties as you login or use the system, except for the explicit purpose of performing the automation tasks you set up. Your personal info, your data, and your automations are all kept private and protected here.



Yadda, yadda. Just How much will it cost me?

CONTROLL3R is amazingly affordable
There are three awesomely low-cost plans for you to choose from, please see pricing below.
Hey, we seriously would like it to be completely free of charge, but then how could we sustain our services for you? ...Exactly. Your monthly charge here is about (or less than) a single cup of coffee.

Smart plans for your Smart Home / Garage / Office

Smart+ Expert Visionary
Up to 10 concurrent ConFu automations
Logs of past events: none
Email processing: 2 incoming parsed, 2 outgoing cap per day
Up to 20 concurrent ConFu automations
Logs of past events: up to 50 latest
Email processing: 60 incoming parsed, 10 outgoing cap per day
Up to 100 concurrent ConFu automations
Logs of past events: Unlimited
Email processing: 300 incoming parsed, 100 outgoing per day
$20 yearly, no contract $35 yearly, no contract $130 yearly, no contract
$5 One-Time Setup $5 One-Time Setup $20 One-Time Setup

Slash high expenses in one quick move down to almost nothing with CONTROLL3R.
Grew out of your plan? Upgrade at any time and only pay the difference.
Stop any time you like (not that you'll normally want to stop... but
CONTROLL3R is all about YOU being in control!

But wait, you can do better!

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Meaningful Support

available by email whenever you need it. Guaranteed under-24hrs response (on Smart+, Expert, Visionary plans.)
Many times we will support you much, much faster than that.
Like doing things on your own? An extensive Knowledge Base is available. Bada-boom!

Secure Control of your smart devices

We are using this same CONTROLL3R system for our own smart devices. It recharges our designer's electric scooter; it ventilates and dehumidifies our underground garage; it sends out payment reminders to our clients, and Birthday withes to our friends; it starts our robot vacuum on-schedule and logic (when we are not home etc.); and it performs many other tasks we and our families depend on.
And now you can use the same secure, convenient system - under your own control. Because when it comes to your own smart place, you want security and you want only the best.
You are the CONTROLL3R master. Booya!

Everyday tasks made simple, smart, and securely automated - while you retain total control. CONTROLL3R for your smart home: it's surprisingly easy!